Reflection of Reflective Life
                     Let's travel back into the time when we were in junior/senior high school. Revisit our school that had given us many kind of stories. Enter our former class and sit over there. Remember when your English (or whatever subject you afraid of) teacher came to the class; what do you feel?

        Do you feel like me that was afraid waiting him point you out to answer questions from him?
       Yes, once upon a time (it sounds centuries ago ;-p ), I've ever had the unpleasant feeling when my English  teacher come to the class. He very mastered his subject and is so kind, yet there's one thing made me afraid: he speaks so rapidly and loudly that made my friends and I felt as if he was a tribal elder who chanted incantations. He assumed that all of the students understand what he said, maybe. Whereas the fact, there's only a few students understand, including (I hope it won't sound arrogant,) me. This small group students always become his target to talk and to tell some instructions in English, and then we spread it to another students in more 'understandable' language. Maybe he didn't realize it but actually I was uncomfortable with the treatment. Sometimes, he asked the whole class to make a group discussion while most of the students didn't know what they should do. According to you, was it effective?
        I don't think so.  We were asked to do something but he didn't give us any provision. We were stressed and feel threatened that we can't enjoy the class. Finally, we just got a little knowledge from his class. That's why, I'm really interested when Ms Vera showed us a video about Suggestopedia.

                 The setting and the way teacher teach make me impressed at the first time. I felt at home and enjoy the learning. I can record some new vocabularies and know the meaning at once because she performed some illustrations to describe the words. But then I think, I will need extra works to bring so many stuff into my class if I want to try this method in my class, one day. Besides, not all of Indonesian students like classic music. For some students, this kind of music can be a lullaby that will bring them into dream world. Moreover, if I apply this method in my class for the whole semester my students will be bored, I bet. They will laugh instead of  study.
                 After Suggestopedia, I watched another method video, i.e. Silent Way (which is not really silent, actually), Audiolingualism, Communicative Approach, Community Language Learning, Total Physical Response. Every method has its uniqueness, advantages and disadvantages but not all of them can be applied in every classroom. None of them can be declared as the best one, I think. The best method is the most proper one with the condition of the class, either the place or the time.
                I'm always impressed with method used by Pak Iwan. Even though I have known the methods used, it can feel new. As I know, he changes the strategies almost in every meeting. Maybe today we do debate, tomorrow we will make a literature circle or even a sketch! I also like the way he warms the class up and how he elicit us into a material. I wish I can be like him when I become a teacher, or even better.
15/10/2010 03:38:00 pm

Najib,, Your reflection is really interesting. :)
I also impressed with the suggestopedia method because i like to study in a comfort condition and i feel not good taught by "ancient" teachers that only lectured along the day without any activities.
Another experience that make my learning was getting worse(when i was in junior high school)is my teacher repeat the same material until 3 meetings!Also with the same way of teaching; lectured with flat expression and no activities.

Let us make a transformation for the future! ^.~

17/10/2010 10:35:52 pm

Thanks for visiting, Nancy!

How could your teacher repeated the material until 3 times? You must a tough woman that can face those experience during your adolescence :)

Now we're lucky because our lecturers teach us with various methods that fit on the situation. We can adopt some of the methods into our classroom later, I think.

(even though it sounds not easy, I agree with your last sentence,)
Yo, let's make a brighter tomorrow for others!!!


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