Reflection of Reflective Life
Everyone is special in their own way
We make each other strong
We're not the same, We're different in a good way
Together's where we belong.
(We're All in This Together, OST High School Musical)

                     Let's travel back into the time when we were in junior/senior high school. Revisit our school that had given us many kind of stories. Enter our former class and sit over there. Remember when your English (or whatever subject you afraid of) teacher came to the class; what do you feel?

These images came up into my mind at the first time I came to PETA class...
I was thinking, were all of them related to our future as a language teacher? I'm not studying history or geography!, shouted my mind at that time. Ten minutes after the lesson began, I started nodding my head; yes, this is what I need to be an extraordinary teacher. I have to pay attention to this course since I need many knowledge about PETA. Not Pembela Tanah Air or map, but Principle of Effective Teaching and Learning.

   I bet, You, the Digital Natives will laugh at that Ad. If we convert the price into recent Rupiah (6/10), it will cost >31 million rupiah. Nowadays, we can't do much with those bytes of memory--it's same with the size of 2 digital files, such as songs or pictures--but have you ever imagined that in July 1980 it was a BIG invention? It's just 30 years ago, and may be 30 years from now is our turn to be laughed by the next generation. Maybe, 50 years later the price of a Core2Duo notebook will be as cheap as a liter of rice. Even it's still be laughed because the gadget that's very sophisticated today will be the primitive one in their era.

Look at the baby! He's so cute, rite?
However, if you are a "digital immigrant", you have to beware with him because

he is a "digital native"!

Yes, he is one of the Digital Natives that live on a new world with certain culture and rules. They have their own way and language to communicate each other. They can play with their friends even though they don't have any green field--virtual game! Yup, most of them live in virtual city but they are NOT a virtual creature. They are real, they were born by their mother, not be downloaded from internet.