Reflection of Reflective Life

The Longest Journey of any Person
is the Journey Inward...
(Dag Hammerskjvld)



                When someone ask us the bad things from someone else, usually we can mention as many as we can write it down in pages of paper. But can we do the same when we asked the bad (also the good) things of ourselves?
                  Not all person can do that, so do I.

         How do we know our strength and weakness? One of the best ways is by reflecting. I have done many things as seen in the picture beside, but sometimes those activities don't remain anything for me. That's why I need this blog to review what I've done and what I've learned so far, especially during  I study in Sampoerna School of Education.
I'm sure, when I become an (awesome) teacher one day, I need these notes to reflect and I hope there will be many advantages I get. Since I believe, experience is the best teacher.